Thursday, October 30, 2008 the Dark...

The above cover is by one of the true geniuses of classic comics, Gene Colan.
His approach to light and dark was intense and violent, and every line seems to contort from the power of his pencils.
The "Dean" made his legend on one of the best comic series of the 1970s, and all time, TOMB OF DRACULA with writer Marv Wolfman and inker Tom Palmer.
Colan's still around today, despite recent health problems, and he has continued to do commission work and appear at Conventions.
For a man who's been working in comics since the 1950s, that's pretty astounding.
For the record, Gene Colan is a priceless talent who produced roughly half of the best comics I've ever read. I'll die with his images in my head. I guess...that's kind of a compliment, right?

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