Friday, April 17, 2009

Fack! I Missed Friday Night Fight Deadline! Again!

Boy that burns me up. I hate missing out on the Fights as it's akin to forgetting a wicker man burning or other wondrous heathen celebration positively bloated with human sacrifice and wanton sexual acts in grassy fields while the ash singes naked flesh.

To that end, as a "filler," I want to provide a proper panel of punishment, in lieu of FNF participation, just as I did before when I didn't unleash the dogs of war:

Yah, that's right...smacked in the kisser with a turkey leg, from Steve Gerber's Man-Thing analogue called "Sludge" in his own comic back in the 1990s...instead of a monster and man fused with the muck of the Florida Everglades, Sludge is a monster and man fused with New York sewage. It was the 1990s after all.

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