Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday Night Fights! Ka-Zar and Your Short Ribs

This is what happens when Ka-Zar decides you need a "talking to." The simple fact of the matter is Ka-Zar delivers his John Buscema-rendered punches just about better than anybody. He also has a pet sabretooth tiger. You can't even begin to feel shame from chastizement delivered by Ka-Zar's thews.
Quote of the day: "...bend before the Will of Ka-Zar!" From ASTONISHING TALES 16 by Mike Frederich on script, Rich Buckler handling half the art chores and some cat named Buscema on the rest. Because back in the day, that issue was coming out, no matter who had to fill in. just stands in your doorway, uttering the immortal question: "Do you wanna f**k? Or fight?"

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