Friday, December 12, 2008

Queen of the Lost World

It isn't what Page represented to the "red blooded." Her image is a standard of an American imagination that is long gone, the ideal woman deadlier than the leopards she'd pretend to be. What we see in Bettie Page is a lost world, the skillful belief in the presence of a pretty girl who could be the queen of another planet. Page had the allure and mystery of the unknown, while being completely recognizable, the girl riding in the Chevy who smiles at you as the car rolls by. You'll never know her, but you'll never forget her either.

RIP, beautiful.


joe bloke said...

amen to that.

Vince M. said...

Very sweet words. Long live Betty. It's funny how she passed so quickly after Dave Stevens, isn't it? Maybe he needed an angel.

Chad Carter said...

Damn. Nice one, Vince.