Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Night Fights! G-7! Deathlok's Bluest Heaven!

Rolling out of ASTONISHING TALES (ish 26?) as one of the better ideas in the 1970s was Rich Buckler's wicked creation, Deathlok, a reinanimated future Super Soldier/cyborg up against a Totalitarian regime. Scripts by Doug Moench and later, Bill Mantlo. In all that bloodshed, it speaks to the humanity of the man codenamed Deathlok, Luther Manning, who once had a wife and son he is too grotesque to ever hope to regain. Manning understands poignantly that Molly and baby did indeed make three, and losing "My Blue Heaven" makes him want to send a lot of folks to a very red hell, courtesy of the great Fats Domino thinks it doesn't matter where you go when you die, just that you die hard.

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