Sunday, June 7, 2009

PARKER is Almost Here

There isn't a project in any media I'm more excited about than PARKER by Darwyn Cooke. : this is a nice interview with Cooke and Ed Brubaker, colleagues who have grand affection for the Parker series by Richard Stark. (The link seems to take a minute or so to load, but it's worth it.)
To me, this project is sort of the whole reason for comic books to exist, in their most evolved state. This fusion of talent and talent, and one of the most iconic characters in literature, is unprecedented, in my mind. This is not only an interesting project for Darwyn Cooke, but a responsibility to Stark/Donald Westlake's memory, and his legacy. So many great writers have been influenced by Westlake, so many filmmakers and artists found their tone through Westlake's prose, his evergreen ideas. In a world where people get congratulated for being complete idiots, Westlake's humble views of his influence only make him more revered.
Buy THE HUNTER, friends. And tell everyone: Parker is almost here.

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