Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Like I'm not Going to Buy It: ROBOT 13!

First off, it's a robot named Robot 13. Then, it's a robot named 13 with a skull floating around in a tank with its own consciousness. And then it's a robot named 13 which isn't a model number but a number carved into the skull's forehead. And it's a robot named 13 who fights giant monsters and other stuff straight out of my skull.
In light of all this, plus the obvious Mike Mignola (HELLBOY) style to this thing, I'm now thrilled to have something else to get thrilled about!
Here's a couple of links: http://blacklistedtom.blogspot.com/ for the writer's blog.
http://www.blackliststudios.com/ for them who publish the thing.
I already saw one complaint about "too much like Mignola." Too much like Hellboy and the Goon. Listen, you can never have enough cool robot heroes, or gnarly finned fish-men, or brutish gorilla-built guys who punch squirmy monsters. Some people claim you can, but I'm not one of them. Same with zombies, still love'em. You can overexpose them, you can make them banal, but you can't completely exhaust them of story possibilities. It just takes someone with a variation on a theme to make the icons brand-eye new again.
So take a chance on ROBOT 13, because more robots vs monsters in a world full of reality television and economics is sorely, vitally required!

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